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  • American interests in the Holy Land revealed in early photographs from 1840 to 1940American interests in the Holy Land revealed in early photographs from 1840 to 1940

    Ben-David, Lenny, author.

    "Although Jewish life in the Holy Land reawakened during the 19th century, photographs of Jews in Palestine and the life they lived there are scarce. Collecting photographs from the archives of the the Library of Congress, the Ottoman Imperial Archives, the New York Public Library, libraries in universities and churches around the world, and in families' albums, Lenny Ben-David provides a unique and visual history of the American fascination and dedication to a Jewish national home in the Holy Land. Photo essays include fascinating stories such as why Lincoln wanted to visit Jerusalem, how the U.S. Navy saved the Jews of Palestine in 1915, why the Chief Rabbi of Palestine visited the White House in 1924, why there was a Ferris wheel on the Holy Mount Zion, where did Mark Twain stay in Jerusalem, and much more"--

  • Scarlett and SamScarlett and Sam : search for the shamir

    Kimmel, Eric A., author.

    Grandma Mina's Persian carpet sends twins Scarlett and Sam to Jerusalem in Solomon's time, where they must obtain from the demon Asmodai the tool needed to build the Temple.

  • Deep calls to deepDeep calls to deep

    Medved, Jane.

  • Sara the bucket fillerSara the bucket filler. a story about showing kindness and being happy

    Fishman, Rivka.

  • Scarlett and SamScarlett and Sam : escape from Egypt

    Kimmel, Eric A., author.

    Grandma Mina's Persian carpet sends twins Scarlett and Sam to Egypt in the time of Moses, where they come to understand that every Jew was part of the first Passover, and just what made it different from all other nights.

  • Nathan blows out the Hanukkah candlesNathan blows out the Hanukkah candles

    Lehman-Wilzig, Tami.

    Although Jacob finds his autistic brother, Nathan, annoying, he gets angry at a new neighbor who calls Nathan weird, but their mothers help the boys get along with a special Hanukkah observance.

  • Now I see the moonNow I see the moon : a mother, a son, a miracle

    Hall, Elaine, 1956-

  • 13 Stradomska Street13 Stradomska Street : a memoir of exile and return

    Potok, Andrew, author.

    "Potok is blind but he makes us see not only the pre-World War Two landscape from which he and his family fled, but also how and why and at what price." -Jay Neugeboren, author of "Max Baer and the Star of David" and "Imagining Robert" "Potok explores the long reach of both his family's 1939 escape from Poland and his own blindness in this thoughtful and elegant memoir." -Elinor Langer, author of "Josephine Herbst" and "A Hundred Little Hitlers." When Andrew Potok was eight he fled with his family from Warsaw, leaving home and business to escape the invading Nazis. The family made it to American, but Andrew's memories of violence, Jew hatred, and betrayal--including that of his father--erupted into nightmares and eventually formed the backdrop of his rich, though at times turbulent, life as an artist and writer. When, late in Andrew's life, a Polish lawyer offers to help him reclaim property in Krakow that was wrongfully inherited by a relative, he and his wife revisit Poland, with its still-virulent anti-Semitism. The visit awakens long-dormant memories and provokes deep reflections on the nature of evil. The ongoing lawsuit becomes emblematic of the book's central theme: There can be no closure for survivors of the Holocaust--no justice for either victims or perpetrators, no compensation, and no forgiveness. Andrew Potok was a successful visual artist until he went blind in his forties. He then turned to writing and published "Ordinary Daylight, Portrait of An Artist Going Blind," "My Life With Goya," and "A Matter of Dignity." He lives in Vermont"--

  • The mitten stringThe mitten string

    Rosner, Jennifer, author.

    Ruthie Tober's family is known for the beautiful, warm mittens they knit so when she and her mother meet a deaf woman and her baby and give them shelter, Ruthie decides to design very special mittens for them.

  • Fables from the Jewish traditionFables from the Jewish tradition

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