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  • The book smugglersThe book smugglers : partisans, poets, and the race to save Jewish treasures from the Nazis

    Fishman, David E., 1957-, author.

  • Gender equality and prayer in Jewish lawGender equality and prayer in Jewish law

    Tucker, Ethan, 1975-, author.

    "As gender equality has spread throughout society, including its religiously observant sectors, traditional communities turn to their guiding sources to re-examine old questions. This book opens the reader's eyes to the wealth of Jewish legal material surrounding gender and prayer, with a particular focus on who can lead the prayers in a traditional service and who can constitute the communal quorum--or minyan--that they require. With honesty, transparency, and rigor, Gender Equality and Prayer in Jewish Law is a powerful resource for grappling with these complex questions. The authors not only explore this specific issue in depth, but they also model how we can mine the Jewish legal tradition for its underlying values, enabling its complex sources to serve as effective guides for contemporary communal decision-making"--

  • Room for rentRoom for rent

    Goldberg, Leah, 1911-1970, author.

    The diverse residents of an apartment house get along fine, but when they try to rent a vacant room, each prospective tenant finds fault with one of them.

  • French toast SundaysFrench toast Sundays

    Spielman, Gloria, author.

    After the loss of her beloved grandmother, Mina finds solace in stories told by family and friends, but her grief is turned into joy when she surprises everyone with Grandma's famous French toast.

  • My recycled brotherMy recycled brother

    Levin, Menucha Chana.

  • Stolen secretsStolen secrets

    Schulman, L.B.

  • The book of blessingsThe book of blessings : new Jewish prayers for daily life, the Sabbath, and the New Moon festival

    Falk, Marcia, author.

  • HaifaHaifa : city of steps

    Gold, Nili Scharf, author.

    Nili Gold, who was born in Haifa to German-speaking parents in 1948, the first year of Israeli statehood, here offers a remarkable homage to her native city during its heyday as an international port and cultural center. Spanning the 1920s and '30s, when Jews and Arabs lived together amicably and buildings were erected that reflected European, modernist, Jewish, and Arab architectural influences, through 1948, when most Arabs left, and into the '50s and '60s burgeoning of the young state of Israel, Gold anchors her personal and family history in five landmark clusters. All in the neighborhood of Hadar HaCarmel, these landmarks define Haifa as a whole. In exquisite detail, Gold describes Memorial Park and its environs, including the border between the largest Jewish and Arab neighborhoods in Haifa; the intersection of Herzl and Balfour Streets, whose highlight is the European/Middle Eastern Technion edifice; Talpiot Market, recalling Haifa as a lively commercial hub; Alliance High School and the Great Synagogue, the former dedicated to instilling a love of intellectual pursuits, while the synagogue was an arm of the dominant Israeli religious establishment; the Ge'ula Elementary School and neighboring buildings that played a historical role, among them, the Struck House, with its Arab-inspired architecture-all against the dramatic backdrop of the mountain, sea, and bay, and their reverberations in memory and literature --

  • Jewish guide to practical medical decision-makingJewish guide to practical medical decision-making

    Weiner, Jason, author.

    "Jewish medical ethics presented in light of the most contemporary medical information and rabbinic rulings. The author provides guidance to facilitate complex decision-making for the most common medical dilemmas today, such as surrogacy, assisted suicide, and end-of-life issues"--

  • Hunting the truthHunting the truth : memoirs of Beate and Serge Klarsfeld

    Klarsfeld, Beate, 1939-, author.

    "The memoirs of Beate and Serge Klarsfeld, political activists best known for hunting Nazis"--

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